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Burial Life Insurance is a type of insurance policy used to cover a person's final expenses. Final expenses come in the form of funeral, burial, cremation, and remaining medical bills.  Because Burial Insuance is a life insurance policy, some indivuduals purchase extra coverage in order to gift money to a child, grandchild, or other family member.  

Features and Benefits

With the recent rise in funeral and burial costs, Burial Life Insurance has become increasingly popular.  Many find this type of coverage to be a simple way to be prepared financially. By having a plan you maintain control, attain peace of mind, and avoid potential harmful burdens on family members.  Some things to consider about Burial Insurance are;


  • No Medical Exams - There are no medical exams with this type of insurance, making it an easy and hassle free way to get coverage.  Even if you have or had a serious medical condition, you can still get covered.

  • Renewable For Life - Coverage will never cancel based on your age or health.  You can keep your plan for life as long as you pay your monthly premium.

  • Monthly Premiums Never Increase - Once you have your policy, your premium will stay locked in for life and never increase.

  • Benefits Never Decrease - Once you have your policy your coverage is guaranteed to never decrease.  For example; If you buy $10,000 in coverage, that is what it remains at for life and will not decrease when you reach a certain age.