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Who Needs Burial Insurance

Most Americans can benefit from having a Burial Insurance policy in place.  Many folks just don't have the money for funeral and burial expenses sitting in their bank account, and if they do, they may not want to use it for that purpose.  One of the benefits of Burial Insurance is that it allows you to have money set aside for a single purpose.  You should consider purchasing a Burial Insurance Policy if;

  • You want to ensure your funeral and burial needs will be met without any financial and emotional burdens placed on family.

  • You want to take control and attain more peace of mind.

  • You have cash and other assets but do not want to use those for funeral and burial costs.  You would like to have a plan specifically final expenses.

  • You would like to have a simple financial plan to leave money to a spouse, children, or grandchildren.




How Much Insurance Do I need?

With Burial Insurance, the average policy ranges between $10,000 and $15,000 in coverage.  The best amount for you will depend on your personal goals, needs, and budget.  Some important things to consider when determining the right amount;

  • How much can I afford and continue to afford into the future?

  • Do I wish to be cremated or buried?

  • Would I like a simple or extravagant funeral?

  • Do I want to leave extra to my spouse or other family for general living expenses?

  • Would I like to leave a gift to children or grandchildren?