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About Us

We are a licensed Insurance Brokerage headquartered in Austin, Texas. As a small group of dedicated professionals we specialize in providing Medicare coverage in select states, including Louisiana.  We deliver reliable service online and by phone. Because we're not a call center filled with telemarketers, we can provide you with a more personal and professional touch.  Our products include; Medigap Insurance, Supplements, Prescription Part D, and Dental & Vision. Through our experience and partnerships with top rated insurance companies, we help you simplify the process of obtaining great coverage at a great rate.  

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Our Supplement / Medigap Plan Benefits Include;

  • Zero or low out of pocket medical costs.  Medigap Plans protect your finances against large medical bills, helping you have more peace of mind.

  • Choose your doctors and providers.  Your coverage is good at any provider nationwide that accepts Medicare.  No referrals required to see specialists.

Louisiana Dept. Of Insurance License #689709